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Hey everyone! Hope the projects and big ideas are coming along. For anyone who are stuck and might need some help, ask any and all questions, and get new ideas you can now come along to our next IoT Project Clinic!

We need you! We are going live on YouTube every week to talk shop and we want to hear what you are working on and questions that you have which the balena team and community can help you answer. Post your questions in this thread, tweet us #IoTProjectClinic or comment on one of our Clinic videos on YouTube

Check out the project clinic so far: IOT Project Clinic - YouTube

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Hi, I’m trying to create a startup script that I set as ENTRYPOINT in my dockerfile that does some setup stuff, then calls whatever I pass in with command in docker-compose.yml if the setup was successful. I’ve tried “echo $@” and “echo `$@`”, but neither seem to work, can you help?

EDIT: Figured it out, needed to use the exec form of ENTRYPOINT, now just wondering if I should use exec (and possibly gosu) instead of echo so that signals get passed properly, and if that changes the need for backticks.

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