Sound crackles and pbuffer full is displayed in logs

Hello when playing music in Balenasound (with airplay or spotify connect) sound crackles about every 2 minutes en the following is displayed in the logging:

14.06.20 06:24:52 (+0200) snapcast-client 2020-06-14 04-24-52 [Info] (Stream) pBuffer->full() && (abs(median_) > 2): 3074

Can you please help me resolve this!! Because it’s really annoying :slight_smile:

I’m using RPI3

Hey there! Looks like the device is not receiving the audio chunks in time, and is forced to hard sync. I believe this is mostly caused by sporadic network flakiness, but I encourage you to open an issue in the scapcast repo ( as that’s what Balena Sound uses under the hood