Some questions about bluetooth connectivity

Hey all,
I want to ask some questons whether balena will work in my case. Currently, I am using a Bluetooth speaker for my kitchen. I use different devices - multiple windows laptops and android phones, and when I turn the speaker on, it automatically connects to the last device. This is problematic for me since I use different devices all the time and in some cases I have to search for the other device and disconnect it, so I can connect to the device I currently want to use. Now to my question.
How does balena handle different Bluetooth devices? If a device is currently connected, do I have to disconnect it manually from the device itself, or can I just “overwrite” the connection with another already paired device?
I have another question as well. Can I have my raspberry pie connected to the kitchen Bluetooth speaker permanently and use bluetooth output on balena?

Check out the Usage - Home, this should pretty much do what you need; but for me it depends on the application.