Some help for a begginner

Good morning, everyone,

I’m totally new to the balenaOS and I’m facing some difficulties…

I have a Raspberry Pi 4 and so I followed the following documentation:

The first question I ask myself is the choice between the production and the development version. By default, I decided to go on the production version. This one seems more reassuring to me.

Is the “Configure the Image” step necessary knowing that I am connected in RJ45?

I installed the Balena CLI tool and I flash the production version on the Raspberry Pi.

I manage to ping the Raspberry Pi but I can’t connect to it by doing balena ssh :
Permission denied…

Pardon my English and thanks for your help !

My OS : Windows 10


Hey, good morning to you too and welcome to our forums! Let me clarify a few points that might help you.

The guide you are following will show you how to install balenaOS “standalone version”. This means that you will need to manually deploy projects to it (as covered in the guide).

The alternative to that is to configure balenaOS to work with a cloud system from where you can manage it, for example balenaCloud. balenaCloud has many features but most importantly the ability to automatically manage and deploy code to your devices running balenaOS. balenaCloud is free to use up to 10 devices. We have also open sourced the core of balenaCloud in openBalena, so you don’t necessarily need to rely on balenaCloud.

If this are your first steps with balena I suggest you take a look at this guide which will teach you how to provision a device and deploy code to it using balenaCloud. I linked you to the nodejs version of the guide, but you’ll see you can easily change to your language of choice.

No matter what alternative you choose (balenaCloud / openBalena / standalone) balenaOS also comes in two flavours: production and development. Here is a link to our docs with specifics. The important bit here is that production images disable passwordless root access to the device (which is what you are doing with the command balena ssh When setting up a production device you need to add your SSH keys to it in order to be able to access it using SSH later (here is how to do it). Development images on the other hand allow passwordless access, so my next suggestion for you is to try this first.

Let me know if this is of help, and if you have more questions feel free to ask!