Set xwindows backlight using device brightness controls

So I have an x windows application running on a Dell 7220 tablet that has brightness controls on the front panel. The application is running on the tablet alongside a bunch of other supporting services. How do I go about enabling the brightness (and volume controls) on this tablet.

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Hello, the first step would be to find out if Dell offers Linux drivers for your tablet model for those buttons. Then you can try installing them in your container(s).

Hi @sthysel

Just checking in to ask whether you’ve had any luck in locating Linux drivers for those buttons on your particular tablet model?

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The buttons work fine in Ubuntu, which I’m assuming is in-tree in BalenaOS for the Generic x86 image I’m using. The issue, I believe is getting these events to the container that runs xwindows, and the mechanism of using those events to set the brightness.

Do you know if dbus would help here for your particular drivers? We use that for our balenaSound project for example to talk to bluetooth on the hostOS.

Check our docs here to find out how you can use this in your containers - Communicate outside the container - Balena Documentation