run OS over an SSD

I have flashed a 2T SSD with the Tails OS image, but when I reboot the laptop to run it, it does not appear to select which OS to boot with.
Windows starts, the drive does not show up in file explorer, but it does show up to eject the drive.
What do I have to do to get Tails to run? or how do I deflash the drive?

Hello, it sounds like your 2T SSD is connected to the laptop via USB? (That would make sense since Tails is a portable OS meant to boot from a USB stick or similar.) You will likely have to reboot and immediately press DEL, F1 or a similar key to enter your BIOS or boot priority menu. You may briefly see the correct key to press displayed when the laptop is starting up. At that point you should be able to choose to boot from the USB drive with Tails.