Reset button on orbbity carrier not restarting service

Reset button on orbbity carrier not restarting service.

There is no event fired for service restart when i press RESET button on orbbity carrier board in TX2.

I have to go to dashboard & manually restart service to get it working.

Any workaround for this , coz somehow RESET button press is not detected by service

I have granted support access for uuid - 3ecb29b63b619f191f6aeb37dcd13979

Hi, what would you expect to happen on pressing the reset button? A device reboot, application restart or service restart?

application restart is most preferable

device reboot will also do

this is something you can implement in you application using the supervisor api, see here

I am actually surprised the button doesn’t trigger a hardware reset. that’s what I would have expected but I see the orbitty board also has a button labeled recovery so I assume they are user customizable and not tied to any hardware functionality?