Remotely Change Splash Image

Is it possible to remotely update the splash image?

Using the Balena CLI, I can ssh into a device and access the splash image in /mnt/boot/splash. Using wget I can download a new image and replace the old splash image. However, I would like to make sure this isn’t going to break something.

Hey there! Its absolutely possible to change the splash screen. You may even use our official CLI to preload an OS image with a custom splash image:

Thanks for the suggestion, however I need to update the splash screen remotely. Is there a way to update the splash screen remotely, without having physical access to the device?

For future reference - probably not. From

we encourage any user to go and replace that logo with their own. All you have to do is replace the splash/resin-logo.png file that you will find in the first partition of our images (boot partition) with your own image. NOTE: As it currently stands plymouth expects the image to be named resin-logo.png.

Balena docs:

If you would like to replace the balena logo with your custom splash logo, replace splash/resin-logo.png located in the boot partition of the image.

Changing that file is the normal method and makes sense: how else to edit a file on the boot partition. I would not expect different, valid contents of a .png file to cause the boot to fail, not that this sort of update sounds like one anyone should do repeatedly.

So, as it was mentioned before, the way we support changing the boot splash image is via updating the image before flashing the device.
A feature that would allow changing the boot splash remotely has been discussed internally, and it’s our roadmap.

We’ll update this thread when we have the news.