Questions after trying text2speech

So, I went through the examples. I successfully deployed my Pi2, and pushed the text2speech.


  • Logging was present after I did the push, but the Terminal was not working properly. It would open, and send me a message “Application must be started …”

  • I couldn’t figure out if there was a way to remove the text2speech app, and push another? I guess you’re supposed to remove it from the git repo, and then do a push? Is there some easier way to roll back the last push?

  • Was looking for a way to gracefully shutdown the Pi (particularly with the terminal misbehaving). Haven’t found it yet. Would be nice to have that. Yes, I know you can repush, but you can corrupt the filesystem just pulling the plug.

  • Would be nice if there were an image with sshd active, so it was possible to get in without a console.



I’ll answer each of your questions in turn:-

  1. Terminal - the terminal requires a running application to be present in order for you to gain access to a relevant environment to what your device is running. We are working on a solution where the terminal will work even when the application doesn’t need to remain running (e.g. it crashed, or has finished execution) currently.

  2. Replacing an application - currently things are pretty basic in terms of the way we use git, though there are plans to improve this to enable use of branches which can be switched in + out etc. The best means of replacing the application is simply to force a git push, e.g. git push --force resin master.

  3. Currently we don’t have the means to gracefully shut down the device. The file system is journalling, so actually the file system will not become corrupt on pulling the plug, however it could lead to data loss. If you provide a reasonable period of time before disconnecting power the data will be synchronised and data loss will be minimised. We have a feature landing very soon to enable the means to shut down safely, so this will be available soon :smile:

As for sshd, you can run e.g. dropbear inside a container to enable this via the local network, and additionally as I said above we are working on improvements to the web terminal which will allow access even when you don’t have a persistent application running.

Best, Lorenzo