Programming the BGM111 co-processor


We’ve successfully set up a container with the necessary code to flash the co-processor using your from the firmata-flash project and we’re now under way with testing the co-processor (just getting a LED to blink), although we’re having an issue.

I cloned down the co-processor base project and attemped to follow the instructions to build it. When using the defined device, EFM32G210F128 it simply won’t build, but it does build when you instead select BGM111A256V21R before running make. Through this I’ve managed to build a hex file which I’ve flashed to the device, but when testing the GPIO pin #6 as the code says nothing happens.

It seems that almost all the code that is available on your Github repository is broken and it’s making our lives miserable. At this point I don’t even know what is the right target for the BGM111 processor and your lack of instructions are not ok.

Does the code on the repository even work, and have you tested it to make sure it works on the co-processor? To me it looks like a straight rip-off of ryankurte/efm32-base that has not been adapted for this device at all.

Please get in touch with me asap.

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Hi @jonathanlundstrom,

I see you’ve come across the playground organization; these repos are typically for testing/playground purposes and we do not recommend that they are taken as production ready. If you scroll to the bottom of the repo to licensing, you will see that this is in fact based upon ryankurte/efm32-base and refers as such.

We are currently advising that our customers develop their coprocessor applications with Simplicity Studio as this is the vendor IDE for the coprocessor (BGM111). They have included examples for the BGM111 within their SDK. If you’d still like to use this playground project, I’ve updates the build instructions for you. Check out this repo for a more complete example for the building for the coprocessor.

Let me know if this helps,


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