Plans on a graphql API?

Hi folks,

We are are planning to develop our own internal dashboard which is designed on top of a graphql endpoint. This way we can mix our own data layer with resin’s public API (currently accessed using nodejs sdk), but I am wondering if you guys have any plans for releasing your own graphql endpoint in the future…

any thoughts?

Hi Jarias,
There definitely are plans for it, but it might take some time.

Hi @jarias,

as MoranF mentioned we have had plans to do this for a while.
There is a spec that is being drafted internally to add support for GraphQL in PineJS - our framework on top of which the API is built - which we recently open sourced.
I opened an issue there to track the progress, as soon as the spec is approved we will update it with more information regarding the API we are planning to support.
Feel free to drop any feedback/idea in there as it will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: