my device is not active

my device based on raspberry pi 3 B.

  • ACT led indicates connection problem.
  • My WIFI Credentials is correct. (Rechecked resin-wifi file)
  • Wifi network is 2.4GHz Channel 6
  • No power supply problems
    and still inactive device.
    Device UUID : 64be372d05a514f11a60672b62c28b9d

What do you mean by “still inactive device”? Do you mean it appears as offline on the Dashboard? That would be expected if it has internet connection problems. Can you try again with a direct Ethernet connection?

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I have had this issue as well, 2 times. One time it was the WiFi (2,4Ghz and 5Ghz on the same SSID, the router didn’t allow connection somehow, fixed by resetting the router.)
The other time it was unclear where the issue was, and re-downloading the image with credentials set (exactly as the try before) and flashing that solved it.

that’s would be hard , the router is on the first floor of my house.

thr router is fine , i will try to reflashing it again, thanks

Let us know if you need any further help with your device.