Minimum internet speed requirement ?

What’s the minimum internet speed requirement?

I think you don’t need a great bandwidth, since the calculations happen inide your computer as a host, with little interaction with the network. You get packages, you compute them (~24h), you send them.

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At a certain time my connection is getting broken

It happens to me as well, with my Raspi4, and I have a 300Mbps wired connection. I believe this is due to system’s unstability. Balena should come in :slight_smile:

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As mentioned earlier by @amespuga, the internet connectivity speed is not a critical factor, as the calculations are performed locally, though with that said upload and download of the data is of course faster with a better connection. Timing out could be caused by the webserver not responding while the device is deep in a calculation, and make sure that your Router has in fact observed the mDNS request and the URL is ‘foldforcovid.local’. You could also try via it’s IP Address if DNS is not working properly.