Linux Distro Customization toolkit

Balena LWIC (Balena Linux & Windows ISO Creator) is a GUI wizard to create a customized bootable Linux & Windows Live CD (ISO) image. Balena LWIC features an integrated command line chroot environment to make the customizations and permits effortless navigation, backward and forward, through the ISO generation steps. You can create new customization projects or modify existing projects. Important parameters are automatically populated with intelligent defaults to simplify the customization process.


Could you explain what/where you got this information from, or why it’s being posted?

Like Windows has Win toolkit to customize windows ISO installer , Linux has got Ubuntu customization toolkit. We are hoping to provide a conjugated application to Customize both Windows , Linux ISO offline OS installer. Again offline installers will get password protected ISO / EXE / RPM/ DEB / APK file. SO that not any install shield bundle can be broken into parts to be disassembled.

I am working on a install maker having different archive format other than ZIP or LZMA or CAB.
Installer offers publishers to give PASSWORD to setup files can not be tampered.