Issue flashing 32Go microSD cards


I tried to flash the same .img on several microSD cards. Eveyrthing’s perfect with 16Go cards.
With 32 Go cards, the speed starts more slowly and at 14%, the speed decreases until almost 0 and I must stop the process.
Same behaviour with 2 cards.
Does it mean Etcher can’t flash 32Go cards ?

Hey hey, this could have many reasons, but it’s hard to say without a little more detail. Can you tell us how those SD-cards are connected to the computer when flashing them (USB speeds, card adapters, card vendor / model, etc. if applicable), how many you’re flashing at a time, and for which speeds the SD-cards are rated?

Thanks for your answer.
The two 32 Go cards are SanDisk Ultra 32 Go Micro SD HC I rated 10.
Connection : SanDisk adapter and USB reader (2.0 on Linux OS) : same issue
I’m flashing one card a the time.