Issue creating bootable USB key

i just downloaded a copy of ubuntu 19.10 and attempted to use etcher or woeusb to create a usb key and get the below messages. i’m running kubuntu 19.10 64 bit on a am3+ 6300 system, with the appimage for etcher 1.5.59.

Something went wrong. If it is a compressed image, please check that the archive is not corrupPed.

Installation failed!
Exit code: 256

Error: Target device is currently busy, unmount all mounted partitions in target device then try again
Target device is busy, please make sure you unmount all filesystems on target device or shutdown the computer before detaching it.

WoeUSB is “A Linux program to create a Windows USB stick installer from a real Windows DVD or image.” so I don’t think it’s the right tool if you want to create an ubuntu 19.10 USB key.
Could you please try installing the .deb version of Etcher?

ok i’m trying unetbootin now, cause looks like they finally updated their ppa to work with 19.10. after it’s done and i test i’ll remove your appimage and install the deb and see what i get. i’ll let you know what happens either way.

thanks a lot. the deb file solved the issue. was able to pop the key in, run etcher without resetting the usb key first, rebooted when done creating, and was able to boot into the uefi option for the key with out any issues. thanks again.