install other paquet


I installed on my application the" balena node red" ,

I would like to install another package in my application such as FEH, OMXPLAYER, how can I do that?


Hey Denis,

To do that, you have to modify the docker-compose.yaml file and add more services in there. In essence, you define services in this file and each service runs inside a container. You can read more about multiple containers here:

whaoua … have you a concrete example, I’m starting and I don’t understand everything
if I understood correctly, it is necessary to create a container for each package

if i want to install the omxplayer package, you must create an omwplayer container which will be visible later in the services


So, I would say that is best to go over the documentation for docker-compose in general

The idea is that in the docker-compose file you define a set of services, each service being a container with an image. The image can be either fetched from a docker registry, or built based on a Dockerfile. As you say, omxplayer will be a container and you have to either build the container (by creating the appropriate Dockerfile) or find a docker image on docker-hub, like this one: (only for Raspberry)

In order to understand containers, think it like an oven when you can bake a fish and a cake at the same time and when you take them out, each one will smell and taste wonderful, without one spoiling the other.


I’m sorry, I understood the principle but I don’t see how to do it at all … I don’t understand the way to do it …

I do not wish to make an application with omxplayer but I wish to use omxplayer through node red …

Hi, you would do this in your Dockerfile:

RUN install_packages <your package>