Heads up: phasing out Facebook and Twitter logins

Hi all, we wanted to give you a heads up that we’ll be phasing out Twitter and Facebook logins over the next 6 months. This will only impact the relatively small group of users who’ve signed up with their Twitter or Facebook account. If you’ve signed up with email, GitHub, or Google, nothing will change. New users will no longer be able to sign up with Twitter or Facebook accounts.

If you’ve signed up with a Twitter or Facebook account in the past, you’ll need to update your account with an email and password login. You’ll be prompted to do this from the login page under “Legacy login using Facebook or Twitter.”

This will take you to your account details page, where you’ll be asked to add an email address and password, before you can continue using the dashboard. Once you have set an email address and password your Facebook or Twitter login will be deactivated, and you’ll use the new login method going forward. Your applications and devices will be there waiting for you in the dashboard!

After the 6 month grace period, we’ll deactivate all Facebook and Twitter logins. Any users who have not added a new login method will need to contact us at hello@resin.io to reactivate their account.

You’ll see the new login/signup screen starting in late June.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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I’m afraid I’m locked out at all. I used to login with facebook but today I got the message that it was depreciated. I should login with email/pwd and was forced to add it. However when finalizing this process the browser crashed. The result is that I can’t logon with fb anymore, I can’t login nor register with my email and I also can’t resend the pwd since ‘user does not exist’.

Effectively I’m locked out,. Could you please assist?



what is the exact error that you receive when you try to connect with Facebook via the “Legacy login” functionality?

basically really nothing :slight_smile:

When registering an email-based login after entering all the information i see an hourglass-equivalent of a resin logo in an endless loop.

I’m going to contact you privately to get some more info on this.