Flashing stop at 61%

Hi, I’m new here. I bought a hoco flash drive 32gb. I want to make it bootable device for Lunix OS and I downloaded Lunix iso file(2.56gb) and flash with balenaEther. It going well but when it reach 61%, it stop flashing. I don’t know how to solve it. What problem is it would be? Please help me to solve this problem. I’m still waiting and do nothing. Thank you.


Does every tentative fails at 61% ?
Did you tried re-downloading the image ?

Thank you for reply. No, I’ve flash only once. It is still flashing at 61%. I’m afraid to cancel it because of crack or destroy something. Should I cancel it and try again?

I would cancel and retry. If it fails again, try downloading the image again before flashing.

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Hi Liann, were you able to proceed?

Thanks, Peter