Etcher makes my Hard drvie "Copywrite protected"

last weekend i was using Belana Etcher to flush Ubuntu Mate installation on a USB drive.
due to some troubles i needed to format the drive but Etcher made it “Copy write protected”

this weekend i bought a new USB drive and repeated the process.
once again i needed to format the disk and low and behold after flushing the OS it has become “Copy write protected” this is beyond frustrating, sense i found no good answer as for how to remove it the protection.
and its effectively makes the USB drive useless if i need to do something else with it other then being OS installation.

so two questions:

1:How can i remove the protection?

2:How do i keep etcher from doing it to begin with?

Hello, there is nothing in Etcher that makes a drive write protected. Could you please provide us with additional info, including:

  • OS
  • etcher version
  • logs
  • does it boot
  • what else happened between the flash and the problem

Any other details you could think of in addition to the points I’ve mentioned above would be really helpful in debugging the issue you’re encountering.

Please also check out the following post with information about recovering a drive, you may find a solution that will help you here: Etcher broke my USB stick … or did it?

Had the same issue, EMTEC Restore utility will fix it:

Plug in usb, run restore.exe, click restore, wait a couple minutes and magic. :slight_smile: