Disk not readable on OSX and Etcher thinks disk too small


I am trying to update the firmware on the microSD that come with the Instruo Arbhar.

The microSD won’t mount on two separate macs (BIg Sur and Mojave) as in both cases the computers say it’s not readable. Etcher does recognise the microSD, but sees it as a 32MB capacity instead of 16GB so it won’t let me select it as the disk to flash… any ideas?


Also, this is what Disk Utility sees:

And what Etcher sees:


What does diskutil list show you?

You mean Disk Utility? Image above. Otherwise, sorry I’m not sure what you mean? Thanks


That helps as well - but can you type in diskutil list in a terminal on your Mac and share the output? That’s what my colleague was trying to ask you earlier - but I understand how the same name could have been confusing