Defining context in docker compose - Error: Cannot locate specified Dockerfile: Dockerfile

Any update? It is darn near impossible to do a full docker-compose with multiple docker containers pulling code from the top level

Hi @oneguynick,

Here’s the relevant issue link:

As referenced in the issue, this work is touching other components and that’s why we have not released the fix yet. We will update this thread once we release. Please bear with us.

@zagatta-sonah, @Tschebbischeff, @bnjmn83, @oneguynick, it has taken some time, but I am pleased to let you know that Dockerfile selection through the docker-compose.yml ‘dockerfile’ and ‘context’ instructions has been released to our production platform. It works with ‘git push’ and also with the balena CLI push, build and deploy commands. If using the CLI, please upgrade it to the latest version, or at least v9.14.4. CLI installation / upgrade instructions can be found at:

Note that CLI issue #587 (Let users specify a Dockerfile with balena build -f) remains open because it requests the use of the -f command-line option to balena build, rather than Dockerfile selection through the docker-compose.yml file.

Thank you for requesting this feature!

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Hello @pdcastro
Thanks for the continued effort of the balena team to make this possible. I have implemented our initially desired solution today and I can confirm that everything works fine when pushing via git :slight_smile:

Thanks again from the SONAH team and have a great week!

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