Dashboard doc fix (minor)


Hi, in the dashboard when downloading the device image, for Linux this line is given as an example of writing the image onto an SD card:

sudo dd bs=1m if=~/Downloads/<OS-image-download>.img of=/dev/rdiskN

On Linux this won’t work, I think, because the bs parameter does not accept the “m” suffix (as opposed to OSX where that’s correct). The correct line should be:

sudo dd bs=1M if=~/Downloads/<OS-image-download>.img of=/dev/rdiskN

From man dd as reference:

N and BYTES may be followed by the following multiplicative suffixes: c
   =1, w =2, b =512, kB =1000, K =1024, MB =1000*1000, M =1024*1024, xM =M
   GB =1000*1000*1000, G =1024*1024*1024, and so on for T, P, E, Z, Y.



Thanks for the report, we are aware of this issue, the confusing part is that ‘M’ won’t work on OS X’s standard dd due to it being the BSD variant, which expects ‘m’ :smile:

I’ll ping the right people on the team to take a look!

Cheers, Lorenzo


Hey Lorenzo. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, except OSX and Linux are on different tabs on that page with different guidance too, so there little chance that people mix things up. :smile:
(There’s also a Windows tab, but there’s no suggestion that others would be confused)