Correction to documentation only - Device Support

I was going to submit a change to the docs myself but I’ve never done it before, never done a PR, etc., and don’t want to screw it up.

Two links in the Notes section on this page have an extra “/docs” node in the url, so they are bad links.
The “audio interfaces” link, and the “here” link under multi-room master are being rendered as
h-t-t-p-s://… where they should be
(Sorry, I didn’t know how to make it not use these as actual links).

Similar problem on the actual audio interfaces page; same url error at “Customization”.

I would just use absolute urls for these links, as was done for others on the page.

Hi k9gardner,

thank you for reporting this! We found a bug in the generation of the documentation that is causing the problem you mention. I know because I found it and reported it a few days ago and it was already known :slight_smile:

Thanks again for contributing!

I suppose that means I don’t win the prize. :slight_smile: