Configuring Balena Etcher to enable SLC mode in the user partition

This question is in regards to the eMMC flash modules (klmag1jetd-B041) as provided by hard kernel. This flash would be on the Odriod UX4 board from hard kernal running Balena OS.

On page 14 of this data sheet:

I want my application /data to run in slc mode as much as possible. Can someone help me interpret this data sheet?

It seems to apply this is the way it is by default, but if I flash Balena OS do I lose this SLC enhanced mode? Do I just have to keep my usage under half the total disk space? Can I enable this mode with a third party patition manager?

As I understand it, SLC mode or single level cell mode, has a vastly longer lifespan than MLC or multil level cell mode. As this is something that I am unlikely to be able to change in the field I would really like to make sure I am using this module properly.

Link to end user product.

Thanks to anyone with input on this :slight_smile:

Hi @tacLog ! afaik SLC is the technology the eMMC in your module uses and is not changeable. In general, the flashing act will never affect the operational mode of an eMMC.

I believe the datasheet page you linked informs you that based on the specific hardware you receive, it will be either MLC or SLC and warns you about the differences

Hey @curcuz ,

Thanks for interpreting that for me. I really wasn’t sure what they meant.

It looks like we will have to go with MLC mode then. Until we get big enough to use our own flash memory modules as an EMMc module on the Odroid.