Can't update robot code

I followed the recruit bot tutorial but I can’t modify the code and make the robot run. changing the code seems to have totally broken it, the robot no longer moves, but doesn’t give any errors either. Has anyone had any luck modifying this code before?

Hi, can you link to the tutorial that you’ve mentioned? And can you share your code (e.g. the repository that you git push to the device, if you have it somewhere public)? That would help us debug!

Thanks so much for the reply! The tutorial was found here: I couldn’t get all the files into a github repo for some reason so I zipped it up and put it on gdrive here:

Hello @noahz123,

I can’t reproduce the issue because I don’t have hardware for this but I can take a look on a running device if you are fine with it.


@noahz123 so the robot worked for you? What changes have you done to the code since you say it no longer works?
Can you also describe all the steps you did to get the code running on the robot?