Can't login to my account

I can’t log in to my Rosetta account. It just says “Error:”. I’m using web interface on Raspberry pi 3 B.

Hi there!
Have you checked your password?

Yes it just says “Error:”

you do not need to login to your PI
login to cloud then SSH from there into your PI

You know, how do I SSH into the Pi? (On the Balena OS)

you CANT unless you go via balena cloud

Hey @staslyakhotskyy a brief explanation.

The premade images from can’t be configured with your own account.

If you wish to change this, you must:

  1. create an account at balenaCloud
  2. add an app inside this account
  3. add your device (Raspberry Pi) to this app
  4. download your personalised image and burn in a microSD
  5. boot Raspberry Pi with this image
  6. download an install balena CLI in your computer
  7. clone the repo from github with rosetta at home
  8. install rosetta at home in your device via balena CLI:
    balena login
    balena push "your app name from step 2"
  9. add your weak key from Rosetta at home account as an Environmental variable as: ACCOUNT_KEY

And that’s all.


Thanks @manuti, you are correct, the ready-made images are simply designed to make it as easy as possible for new folks, who are not familiar with a CLI, pushing an App, or worrying about Environment Variables. For more advanced users, those who understand and are comfortable with the workflow you have documented, this will work also.

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