Can't find a way to open a terminal session


I’ve checked the documentation at which says a ‘start the terminal session’ button will appear (it does not however say where it would appear.). I’m presuming it is supposed to be on the device details page near the logging window since it mentions later ‘beneath the logging window’ but I can’t find the option. My app is running and responding and the logs show up in the dashboard, but I can’t open a terminal.


@justin8 Sorry about that, the docs assume you are already on the terminal page of the dashboard, to get to this page, you will need to be in the device summary page, and on the left you will see a menu. On the menu you should see `Terminal (experimental). That menu item will take you to the terminal session. I have attached a screen shot of the menu below. Let me know if you still can’t find it.

Also if you want more realtime help, head over to and a bunch of our team will be there to help.


Ah thanks. I think I missed it because that appeared to be the outer menu, then click on devices also changed the outer menu and I didn’t notice.