Building Gstreamer from source, need /opt/vc/include/IL/OMX_Broadcom.h

I’m using balenalib Docker images as part of a build pipeline. I need to build Gstreamer from source, and I’m pretty close but I need the OMX_Broadcom.h header file that’s supposed to be in /opt/vc/include/IL/OMX_Broadcom.h. I could git clone this from firmware/opt/vc/include/IL at master · raspberrypi/firmware · GitHub but I’m hoping there’s already an image provided by balenalib with these files. I tried balenalib/raspberrypi3-64-debian:bullseye-build but it’s not there.

Shouldn’t files like these be included in the -build images? Am I supposed to just pull them from the raspberrypi git repo?

Thanks for assistance.


Can you try using the 32 bit image instead? Let us know if that works

Thanks, I got the build going again by downloadingd the zip from into the docker image I’m using to build.

Another key was setting
ENV PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$PKG_CONFIG_PATH:/opt/vc/lib/pkgconfig/

Hi - are you all sorted now?


Yes, thanks! Still working on the build but I’m past this issue.