BOINC Goes Offline on Raspberry Pi 4 with 4G

I am using the 4G Raspberry pi 4, using the prebuilt images from

For the first few minutes, the interface shows the pi running tasks.

However, after around 5 minutes, BOINC goes “offline” look at attached screenshots.

Can someone give me some advice?

YES! This happens to me too, I really don’t know what happens, I’ll open another form too because it gets stuck on CPU benchmarks for me, I ran it for around 24 hours and it was still stuck

is it possible that it depends on the excessive temperature reached by the SoC and in fact that the Raspberry Pi 4 restarts? Cannot add SoC temperature to the information screen?

As this is a high-cpu-load application where the developers try to squeeze as many calculations out of the little guy as possible, but also RPI4 is designed as cheap as possible without proper CPU cooling and therefore every Pi reacts differently to this calculation-load, I think the boinc software team should monitor the RPi CPU temperature and adapt load accordingly to keep them running as fast as possible without forcing them into high-temperature-protection-mode.

My RPi 4GB also runs for a while but then drops its connection after which I have to reboot to bring it back online, I have a small fan inside the enclosure but will try a different enclosure.