balenaSound Screen Burn-in

For audio setups that transmit audio over HDMI with balena Sound, it would be great if the balena logo and screen could vary over time to avoid issues with screen burn-in.

BTW - I’m now running two RPI4’s and two RPI3B’s with balenaSound. Streaming with the RPI4’s as the server makes a big difference in stuttering and skipping.


That’s an interesting idea indeed! I have opened a feature request on the balena Sound project - - please feel free to add more details on GitHub for our devs.

One thing that you can do in the meantime, is take a look at the balenaDash project -
It’s similar to balenaSound - but allows you to show a webpage, or a photo album on a screen.

It should be possible for you to merge these two projects together, and have a photo album or something similar on the screen!

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