BalenaSound (balenaOS 2.48.0+rev1) not working after installing JustBoom Digi HAT on Raspberry Pi 4


I have been enjoying my BalendaSound with my new Raspberry Pi 4. But when I installed the JustBoom Digi HAT and edited the configuration it suddenly stopped working. The console is outputting some errors, but I really don’t know how to debug them…

Any help would be appreciated thanks!

Hello there, just to confirm. When installing a DAC there are 2 extra configuration steps you have to make:

  1. Disable the on-board audio by adding ”audio=off” to the DT parameters in the device configuration screen;
  2. Add custom variable called BALENA_HOST_CONFIG_dtoverlay with DAC’s own dtoverlay value.

Did you set up both? If so, what value did you use for the dtoverlay?

Hey Tomas,

Appreciate for the quick reply. Here’s the configuration. Please let me know if you need more context. thanks !

Hey thanks for that information. It looks like the overlay value for JustBoom Digi HAT is actually justboom-digi, not justboom-dac. It’s very easy to mix them as they are almost the same. Can you try with that value and let me know if it works? If it does i’ll add the HAT to our list of supported DACs.

ah ! that was it, thanks so much!