Balena Sound and NanoPi Neo Error: manifest

Hi, complete newbie here… I installed BalenaSound on my Raspberry Pi and that was working OK, for a project I wanted to install it on a couple of NanoPi Neo Air’s but when building the release I got an error on audio and Bluetooth… any advice on where to start looking to solve it?

[Info] Starting to build bluetooth
[Info] Starting to build audio
[Info] Starting to build multiroom-client
[Info] Starting to build sound-supervisor
[Info] Starting to build upnp
[Info] Starting to build spotify
[Info] Starting to build multiroom-server
[Success] Successfully built service upnp
[Info] Starting to build airplay
[Success] Successfully built service multiroom-client
[Success] Successfully built service spotify
[Success] Successfully built service sound-supervisor
[Success] Successfully built service multiroom-server
[Success] Successfully built service airplay
[Info] Uploading images
[Success] Successfully uploaded images
[Error] Some services failed to build:
[Error] Service: audio
[Error] Error: manifest for balenablocks/audio:nanopi-neo-air not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown
[Error] Service: bluetooth
[Error] Error: manifest for balenablocks/bluetooth:nanopi-neo-air not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown
[Info] Built on arm01
[Error] Not deploying release.

Hi Dominic, I don’t think we have support for the nanopi-neo-air on the balenablocks/audio docker repo. I can check with the team and see if they can add this. Thanks for letting us know!

I created an issue for this, but in the meantime, if you have the technical skills, you could clone the balena-sound repo, create a custom new application for the Nano Pi Air, and push that repo to the application.