Balena CLI (balena os configure not copying config.json to image)

Balena-CLI does not seem to copy the correct config.json.

I downloaded the image BalenaOS 2.51.1+rev1 for the Raspberry PI 4. After unzipping and running the command balena os configure ./balena.img --app myApp --version 2.51.1 it does not actually configure anything I guess. I do see that the modified date is changed. But when I take a look inside the .img I see a very basic config.json which could explain why my device is not booting/showing up at balena devices (which is my actual problem I am struggling with).

Path to the config.json I’m checking: \1\balena\overlay2\35ba0eff23c4f9ff7e4959702fb277f9e05dbca92f0106dbf1cee5649a9393fd\diff\resin-boot\config.json

Content of config.json:
{ "deviceType": "raspberrypi4-64", "localMode": true, "persistentLogging": false }

I expect it to have much more information like the content you get after running
balena os build-config ./balena.img --output config.json

My guess apiEndpoint, vpnEndpoint and such is missing and therefore not able to notify my open-balena server that it’s up and running.

I didn’t get those problems before (like 5 months ago). Did the process change to add new devices?
Balena-CLI version: 11.36.0
My OS is Windows 10 with WSL (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS)
Device: Raspberry PI 4

Hi, the config.json to check is in the first partition. That is a FAT partition so you would be able to mount it on Windows. Can you check out there and see if it gets populated?

Yea it gets populated so it might not be the problem after all. However I’m out of ideas to whatever it could be. It won’t show up with balena devices so I can’t create a tunnel and see what’s going on inside the device.

When I run the balena os configure command on the windows CLI it tells me I need to use WSL. Has this changed recently? In my recollection I was able to use it on the windows CLI a couple of months back. It might be the only thing I’m doing differently compared to before.


After reading open-balena-api v0.76.3 sql migrations and Device can't register with API, it seems like the supervisor after balenaOS 2.49.0 isn’t compatible with the latest release of openBalena, see this issue. So the problem is noted, but there isn’t a fix (yet) unfortunately. I’m waiting for the fix myself, so let’s hope they’ll release a new (stable) version soon :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply. So If I understand correctly using an older BalenaOS version (like 2.48.0) will do the trick? Or do I need to revert my supervisor to a specific version aswell?

As far as I can tell, they say that from 2.49.0 and on, the supervisor doesn’t work anymore with openBalena. So downgrading to balenaOS 2.48.0 should do the trick, which also reverts your supervisor to a compatible version. So that’s your best shot!

Cheers. Will do. Thanks alot

Hi, indeed seems to be the issue so watch that ticket for a resolution