any plans to reduce UI UX width required ?

my screen is only 1280 pixels wide and i have to do A LOT of horizontal scrolling

also rasp pi 4 icon gets chopped off

Hi, you can hide columns that are less important for you to reduce table width and hide scrollbar. You can do this by pressing arrow down icon and deselecting columns.

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Regarding icon not showing, can you provide your browser information so that we could reproduce the issue?

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great hiding columns works thanks

xubuntu 18 & ff 74 but removing other columns makes rasp pi 4 icon reappear

Great, thanks for your feedback. We’ll create internal issue about the icon not being visible on smaller screen and many columns checked.

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I would like to let you know that we have just released a fix for the device type icon not showing up in some cases in Firefox.
Thanks for bringing this up.

Kind regards,

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thanks LOVE seeing those :raspberrypi: all the time now