Add colorless mode to balena CLI

I know this is a minor issue, but it would be nice if balena CLI could be run in a colorless mode. When looking at the output, when running a balena push from our Jenkins server, it looks like this:

[34m[browser]e[39m (118/129) Installing libxt (1.2.0-r0)
e[34m[browser]e[39m (119/129) Installing libxmu (1.1.3-r0)
e[34m[browser]e[39m (120/129) Installing xauth (1.1-r0)
e[34m[browser]e[39m (121/129) Installing mcookie (2.35.2-r0)
e[34m[browser]e[39m (122/129) Installing xmodmap (1.0.10-r0)

this has come up before ( ) but we haven’t tackled this yet.
It’s a little more complex than it seems, because the output you’re referring to is not produced by the CLI, but by the builder.
As a workaround you could simply filter the output like this: bash - Removing colors from output - Stack Overflow

BTW, there might be Jenkins plugins which are able to parse and render colored output. This might be the even nicer solution :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply. I found a plugin for Jenkins to handle this :slight_smile: